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Custom Software Solutions

ZOFTO Solutions develops custom software solutions for companies throughout different industries.

We supply different features including:

  • Quality Control

  • Load Sheets

  • Digitalizing any type of sheet you have within your organization

  • Food Safety

  • Facility Safety

  • Employee Compliance sheets

  • Document Management

  • Other Custom Solutions

We don’t supply a one version fits all, but customize our platform to your company and needs.

Easy to use on your cellphone and Tablet and your information is easily accessible through our online portal.

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About us

ZOFTO Solutions is a company specialized in customized Software for small, medium and large businesses. Our customers include Agriculture companies, export/logistical companies, factories, producers, wholesalers and retailers all over the world.

Within this fast moving industry and employees switching jobs at often hectic timing. There is a need for a structured information flow within your organization.

Often getting a report by 2 people can differ on point of view or can be different in the way how the information is presented. Customized software brings a solution to these issues.

ZOFTO Solutions provides software, tools and protocols for companies including Inventory management, Quality control, Traceability, Auditing tools and Customized systems or reports.

Information is always available and updated in real time. Access the information from your desktop or even on the road with your tablet or phone.


Making information easily accessible “anytime, anywhere”. A future with fully integrating software unifying companies and business professionals all over the world.


To structure and simplify your company’s information flow by using customized software. Reduce operational costs and increasing access to information. To help your company be more productive and successful.


Solutions we provide

Customized software solutions made for you

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Auditing tools & Quality control

Reducing time spend on QC and know every detail about your organization

Quality control

Managing your QC can be time consuming, expensive and complicated. Searching for an email, message or document can be frustrating. Having several employees/different shifts can generate different ways information is presented, and can complicate the decision making process.

ZOFTO Solutions provides Customized QC reports, based on your company’s needs.

Pictures can be added to your QC reports, and questions can be answered by pre-established multiple choice, numeric or comment sections.

Automated formulas reduce your time preparing the reports, lowering your operational costs.

Results are accessible in real time, by notifications and at any given moment.

Auditing tools

Just as important as having the right quality is complying with social responsible certificates, workers safety, company policies and other rules and regulations.

ZOFTO Solutions provides the optimum tools for your business. Our Auditing tools can not only speed- up your auditing process, but can automatically generate reports accessible by the persons needing the information.

Employees will not only be able to generate more audits in a day, but your company can significantly reduce cost on report preparation and data entry.

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Inventory management and Traceability

Better control over your inventory, extensive tracing capabilities for your product

Inventory Management

Knowing your company’s inventory on a real time base is an important factor in reducing the overall operational costs. Avoid buying materials twice, simplify your inventory tasks and access detailed and organized information “anytime, anywhere”.

ZOFTO solutions Inventory management systems can be adapted and customized to your needs. Our solutions can run online, or on Android based hardware to reduce the upfront investment and running cost.


Product traceability is getting more and more important. Knowing the location of a “problem product” and being able to investigate where the problem might have originated is priceless.

Recalls is the last thing anybody want to hear, but reacting quickly during these situations and minimizing the impact is the top priority.

Zofto Solutions can help you structure your product traceability, minimize your risk and access your traceability information at any given moment.

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Customized Software

Tell us about your business, and we find the perfect solution for you

Your company is like a fingerprint, not one company is the same! If your business requires personalized or customized Software ZOFTO Solutions can help you out.

ZOFTO Solutions can not only simplify your process. Our customized software can increase yield, reduce errors and improve the quality of your product.

“Make information available for you, your colleagues and your customers”!

Let us know about your business, and let ZOFTO Solutions find the perfect Solution for you!


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