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Welcome to Zofto Solutions

Specializing in Customized Software Solutions for Businesses Worldwide

In a world driven by technology, paper processes are becoming a thing of the past. ZOFTO Solutions is at the forefront of this transformation, specializing in digitizing any paperwork and converting it into a streamlined digital solution. Our software is designed to seamlessly integrate standard reports with fully customizable report structures, ensuring that your company doesn't have to change its working methods - only make them more efficient.
Our clientele includes agriculture companies, export/logistical companies, factories, producers, wholesalers, and retailers all over the world.

About Us


Making information easily accessible “anytime, anywhere”. A future with fully integrated software unifying companies and business professionals all over the world.


To structure and simplify your company’s information flow using customized software, thereby reducing operational costs and increasing access to information. Our goal is to help your company be more productive and successful.

Solutions we provide

Customized software solutions made for you

Comprehensive Portal

Manage your operations effortlessly with our comprehensive portal. Register all your employees, suppliers, customers, locations, vehicles, and equipment in one central location.

Standard Features

Our standard features include a wide range of reports essential for the smooth operation of any organization:

  • Facility Safety Reports

  • HR Management

  • Equipment Management

  • Vehicle Management

Industry-Specific Quality Control

Different industries have unique challenges and requirements. We provide customized quality control logs and reports tailored to your industry's specific needs. For example, for the produce industry, we offer specialized quality control solutions, including over 200 USDA-based quality inspection forms. Similarly, we can develop industry-specific quality control logs for any other sector.

Customizable Solutions

In addition to our standard features, we can add any type of logs or reports specific to your organization's needs. Information is always available and updated in real time, accessible from your desktop or on the road with your tablet or phone.

Customized Software

Every business is unique, just like a fingerprint!

That's why at ZOFTO Solutions, we create software solutions that are as unique as your business.

We believe that one-size-fits-all solutions are a thing of the past. Your business deserves software that is personalized, customized, and tailored to your specific needs.

At ZOFTO Solutions, we do more than just simplify your processes.

Our tailor-made software is designed to increase productivity, reduce errors, and enhance the quality of your product.

“Making information accessible to you, your team, and your customers”!

Share your business needs with us and let ZOFTO Solutions craft the perfect solution for you!

Contact Zofto Solutions

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Cuijk, 5432 CG


20952 West Mariposa st
85396, Buckeye, AZ,

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